All customers must be at least 17 years of age and are required to have valid state-issued ID. Customers will be required to have their state issued ID scanned and sign declaring they are authorized to sell their material. All vehicles must bear a valid license plate. No walk-ins without a vehicle are accepted.

The difference between non-ferrous and ferrous metals is that they are different kinds of metals. Non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic and will not stick to a magnet. Ferrous metals are magnetic and will stick to a magnet. Some example of non-ferrous metals are copper, aluminum, and brass.

Some examples of ferrous metals are steel and iron. They are more common metals. Generally speaking, non-ferrous metals are worth more money when you are scrapping them. But to understand further how you can recognize what is non-ferrous and ferrous metals, see our Magnet Test Page for the magnet test explanation.

Yes. We gladly purchase aluminum cans.

No, do not sell auto parts or any scrap metal. We are not an auto salvage yard, therefore we don’t have any auto parts, nor do we sell any material to the public that comes through our doors.

We do buy and recycle cars and certain car parts for scrap only like; aluminum rims, catalytic converters, aluminum hoods, and doors, brass or aluminum radiators, alternators and starters. We will not resell these items to the public and only are recycling them for scrap value, not resale value.

Best Price Recycling only provides pick up services for commercial and industrial accounts for scrap metal pickups in New Jersey. Unfortunately, we do not offer residential pickup services for your home.

We only collect thousands of pounds of scrap metal at a time, so if you have items like a dishwasher, refrigerator, or other smaller items, we suggest you bring them here. If you do not have a way of transporting them to our facility, we suggest putting a classified ad online or in the newspaper for someone to pick your scrap metal up.

Yes we do. We accept dishwashers, dryers, and washer machines at a fixed price. We also do purchase water heaters and furnaces or radiators. Typically appliances will be bought at a light iron scrap price.

Remember for refrigerators and any other appliances that have freon inside, we will not accept them. You must get the freon removed by a licensed HVAC professional. If you attempt to remove the freon yourself and release those gases into the environment, you could be fined up to $37,500 by the EPA if you are caught for releasing those chemicals.

Brass is a yellow color, whereas Copper is a red color. If you cannot tell the difference, take a file to scratch the material and see the true color of the metal. When you scratch the surface a reddish color will identify the metal as a copper. If it is more yellow in color, it will most likely be brass.

Brass is an alloy metal, which means it is a mixture of more than one element. It has copper and zinc mix together. The zinc makes the copper harder and stronger and more durable. Depending on the ratio of copper and zinc, it will be a redder or more yellow color. Because copper is a red color, the more yellow in color the brass is, means it has more zinc (silver in color) in it.

#1 copper has bare bright wire, #1 copper tubing, #2 copper tubing/wire and #3 roofing copper. To see more information visit the Pictures & Materials Page.

When Rockaway Recycling classify different grades of copper it is based on the cleanliness of the material. If you have #1 copper wire or tubing, it will be free of brass fittings, insulation, paint, rubber, solder, and any other materials. It will be a clean copper price.

For #2 copper tubing, usually these pieces of copper pipe will have small brass fittings, solder, paint, oil, or rubber attached to the copper. Because of those other materials the copper is worth less money because it is more difficult to process the metals during the recycling process.

If you come across roofing copper or gutters from a home that have been used, there is often times a large quantity of tar and adhesive attached to the copper. To help attach the material to homes or buildings, these contaminants cause the price to be lower for #3 roofing copper.

Yes, make sure to use the magnet test to see if it is steel or aluminum before you bring the pool in. Usually the pools are made from aluminum and will be paid for as a dirty aluminum price due to the paint and/or steel attachments. It is worth your time to remove any steel nails, screws, or rails that you can.

Take your magnet and if it sticks, then it is a piece of steel attached to the aluminum. We suggest cleaning up the aluminum from any steel as much as possible to maximize your profits on scrap. Separate the steel and bring it along to Best Price Recycling, we can recycle it separately from any aluminum you may have.

Also if you have any electric motors from the pool system or pump, you can scrap those with us as well. Be sure to unplug and cut any electricity before taking those items apart to prevent electrocution. Also if you have any copper tubing or electric copper wire from your pool system, we can scrap all of those items as well.

Yes, we accept old fences. Similar to pools, make sure to use the magnet test to see if you have aluminum, steel, or iron fences.

If you have an aluminum fence, we suggest trying to remove the steel nails or screws that may be attached. You will get a higher aluminum price if you are able to remove them. If the fence is painted or has a type of cover on it, it will be a lower aluminum price because it is not clean aluminum.

The best tip we always say is to separate your metals. Don’t forget to view the material list to see what materials to separate before coming to Best Price Recycling. The pictures can help you determine the majority of the metals you may come across when looking to scrap your materials. If you have questions, you can always contact us with pictures and we can help out.

We also suggest ALWAYS having a magnet handy. When you are separating your metals, be sure to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Steel and iron are worth significantly less, than items like copper, aluminum, and brass.

When you have e-scrap items like computers and laptops, we suggest always removing wires and as much plastic as you can. If you are advanced enough, we suggest removing items like the hard drive, motherboard, and CPU chips from computers too.

There are various prices we pay at Best Price Recycling for scrap metals. Check out our Pricing Page to see the latest update scrap prices we post. As soon as prices are changing at our scale, we adjust them on our website so our customers know what to expect when they bring they metals in. We are constantly updating our prices online, so you can check the date and time stamp when looking on our website to see the most recent time we’ve updated prices.

Remember though management reserves the right to change prices at any time according to current market conditions. This means that you may check prices in the morning and come later that day or even the next day, and they can be different.

Yes, Best Price Recycling pays cash for your scrap metal. If you request that you or your business needs a check instead, we are more than happy to accommodate you with one. Just be sure to ask your scale manager for a check and provide us with the company or name the check should be made out to.

Yes. We gladly buy these items.

Yes, Best Price Recycling does buy scrap brass shells for recycling. However they MUST all be casings and shells. We do not accept live ammunition.